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JANU BAFNA Janu Bafna :
Batch -2010
Founder at Kala Kollective.

Pursuing Executive Education at IIM Ahmedabad for "Creative and Cultural Businesses Programme".

My first step as a child towards future framework began here at Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh School, that became the memory of a lifetime. This phase of School which comes and goes is an inseparable one! Yes, my soul and body is totally connected to this place and my mentors even today.
This cave of wisdom is the most prized part of my life where my character and attitude were shaped right. My mentors were, are and will always be the most integral part of me until my last breath. They haven’t just imparted knowledge but planted a seed of being a responsible citizen. I must say, I am proud and blessed to have been grown under the guidance of the best mentorships. The care and personal attention what we get here at this school is impeccable.
I can see the school not only upgrading and grooming children but its infrastructure, faculties, technology and a lot many things from time to time.It not only is excelling in providing academics education but also in sports, cultural and creative streams, computers, etc.
From smart class to advanced computer labs to Language labs- Teachers, Principals, Members of Committee, non-teaching staffs are continuously striving their best to provide the best of everything. . I can proudly say no school in Pune has this kind of advanced Language lab with advanced technologies.
The school not only takes care of its children but also the parents and elderly. They have IECD (Institute of Education and Career Development) which aims at grooming extra curricular skills of each one. You name it and they have one! The school also takes care of training the teachers every week with something unique concept.
I am sincerely grateful to each and every person who helped me become a responsible citizen and made beautiful memories here at Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh School. Yes, A Vijay Vallabh student can get the best opportunities for career ahead. I can proudly say coming from Vijay Vallabh , today I am here at IIMA.
Last but not the least, this heart can never skip a beat in shouting ," Vijay Vallabh, Vijay Vallabh!
Always On The Top…."
I wish I can rewind to my school days once again!

Dr.Ojaswini Parab Dr. Ojaswini Parab :
Batch -2010

Delighted! Yes, always delighted to be a part of SVVS. 'Shree Vijay Vallabh School’ the name itself brings pride, happiness and gush of energy. It’s the place we students worship as an abode of knowledge and enlightenment. It gave us quality education and environment, best of teachers, friends and memories for lifetime.
Everything useful in life that paved the way to any and all my success, I learnt it from here, but mostly I learnt to do my best, be kind, stay grounded and let your good work and success speak for itself. I can proudly say on the last day of our school we all had our pencils turned tiny but our spirits flamboyant that ever. Our erasers were flat but our purpose and identity more prominent. Crayons broken but life creatively moulded. Desks clean and avengers set to conquer the next phase with confidence.
Thank you!

Richa Yeshvekar Richa Yeshvekar :
Batch -2007
Profile-MSc/MTech in Biotechnology (University of Pune)Netaji Subhas Indian Council for Agricultural Research (NS-ICAR) International PhD Fellow Faculty in University of Leeds U.K

From nursery to secondary school alma mater, I spent almost 13 years at Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh School. We had amazing teachers who offered guidance, support and immense knowledge. They not only taught the syllabus but also played a big role in helping us inculcate good values and morals. It is incredible how most teachers had a personal connect with every student! Everyone at ASVVS encouraged dreaming big and provided support in every possible form. I got my first glimpse of research during school expeditions to IUCAA and Muktangan Science Exploratory, which fuelled my aspiration of pursing a career in Science. A big chunk of credit goes to the school and teachers for all of our personal and professional success!

VIKRAM JAIN Vikram Jain :
Batch -1995
CPA Australia, CA India, B.Com (Pune University)
Presently working:
Director- Since January 2006 of C. W Stirling & Co, Chartered Accountants, a boutique tax and Audit Advisory Firm in CBD Melbourne Australia.

Having migrated to Australia, with 100% confidence I can say that Shree Vijay Vallabh School (SVVS) provided me the best all-rounded education I could ever ask for.
SVVS inculcated in me the values of empathy, vegetarianism and respect for parents, teachers and elders with solid education, resulting in a perfect grounding for my further studies of Chartered Accountancy, CPA, Australia and my overall professional and personal life. I’m constantly giving examples of how good our teachers were in SVVS and the level of passion and enthusiasm they had in their teaching which I am sure is continued till now.

Vinod Jain Vinod Trilokchand Jain :
Batch -1995
Presently working:
1)Partner in IBJ &CO Chartered Accountants
2)Promoter of Padmavati Group of Constructions
3) Director in Kalpak Marbles(I) PVT LTD manufacturer of natural marble & stone
4)Director of Legno Impex(I) PVT LTD
5) Importer of seasoned plywood and allied products

School always play a vital role in developing one’s personality. A person spends half of his childhood in school, so whatever he learns in school gets reflected in his vocabulary, mannerism, confidence level etc. School learning promotes teamwork and friendship which is of vital importance and in many cases a lifetime achievement.
I was an average student in class but the way the first Gurus of my school helped me to learn lessons of life and gave me courage. I was never upset with the ups and downs of my career . I waited patiently for success which is and will be an on going process. Contribution of school in my career cannot be written in words. My school memories are very sweet to cherish for lifetime.

NIRANJAN SITAPURE Niranjan Sitapure :
Batch - 2012
PhD candidate.

PhD candidate.
Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station.

In every person's life his/her school plays the role of a high class porcelain and the person himself/herself being the ARTIST of the sculpture of life .The teachings of a particular school determine the quality of that porcelain. It is the foundation stone upon which a kid grows into an adult and it forms the basis of his/her self-image. Fortunately for me, Shree Vijay Vallabh School (SVVS) has been a provider of such high class porcelain. What is special about this place is much more important than academics. It is the virtues instilled on students by teachers who genuinely work for a better future.
What I really admire is the bonding and courtesy each Vivian has for their juniors or seniors and the reverence for their teachers. Vivans have spread out in the world and yet and whenever I came across any of our alumni, irrespective of his/her batch and our acquaintance, we both taciturnly agree that SVVS is not just a place, but a treasure!
I will always cherish this place, as a place I always be indebted towards.
Thank you!

Rajendra Sanghavi Rajendra Sharad Sanghavi :
Batch - 2010
MBA - Finance.
Senior Manager Tata Consultancy Services based in Edinburgh - United Kingdom.

Teachers in SVVS are very helpful, supportive and very competent. I joined SVVS in 7th Std and I was not a very bright student. I was very reluctant and ignorant about studies. But the teachers of this school really worked hard and turned me into a better student.
Infrastructure of my school is very clean, hygienic and is well located too.
The school provided us the best facilities like good Library and Laboratory. Classrooms were and are really clean and tidy.
The non-teaching Staff is very helpful and cooperative.
For me, my SVVS is an Excellent school. That’s why now our next generation-my niece and my son, are the students of SVVS family. May this SVVS family grow vast and benefit the society.
Rajendra Sanghavi

Santosh Gunda Santosh Gunda :
Batch -1994-95
(Bachelor of Engineering (Pune University), Master of Business Administration (New York, USA). SVVS)
Present Working:

With - A Digital Payments Company.Wibmo is responsible for providing the platform (as a service to banks) for making payments while we do all the online shopping.
SVVS has been one of the best things that happened to me. I consider myself blessed to have been accepted by SVVS when I joined in 5th std. Teachers at SVVS have always taken that extra mile to ensure students not only studied well but also proactively participated in extracurricular activities. SVVS has been the base for our complete development - physical, mental and emotional.
I would strongly recommend this school to a parent who is looking for a challenging yet nurturing academic environment for their child.
Right from class 5th, I was always inclined towards studying science and then pursuing to become an accomplished engineer.
SVVS gave me that initial flight by helping me create a solid foundation in the field of Science and Mathematics. It was only because of this solid foundation that I was able to gain that needed momentum during 11th and 12th Science and then embark on becoming a Computer Engineer. All this would not have been possible without the guidance, encouragement of our teachers from SVVS.
There are countless memories of SVVS. This space is not enough to list them all. There are so many teachers from SVVS who have been instrumental in shaping my life. Writing a few sentences about every teacher would not be enough to justify my feelings and respect towards them. I bow down to all my teachers and shall forever remain indebted till my last breath.

Vinay Hegde Vinaykumar Hegde :
Batch - 1999
Batch -1999.( SVVS)

I am an IT Professional and work as a Project Lead at Multinational company "Sears Holdings Corporation". I am also a Founder- Director of Production company- "Tanzpuppen Entertainment".
It’s been 20 Years that I passed my 10th Grade but still it seems to me like Yesterday. I feel, I was privileged to spend few Years of my School life at Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh School. Those days were golden days. The best days of my life that I could have ever think of! For whatever I am today, is because of this school and my Gurus. They have not just imparted education but trained me to face life with courage. The faith and confidence which the school instilled in me has evolved me as a better human being. I thank all the teaching, non-teaching staff of the school and my fellow school friends for being a part of this wonderful journey of my life.
And yes,even today when I visit the school with my friends,the magical chant echoes in my mind.
“Getting stronger, Helping others,
Never Never Stop!
Vijay Vallabh Vijay Vallabh
Always on the top!”

Ravi Koratikar Maj Ravichandra Lokesh Koratikere :
Batch - 2004
MSc.E&TC & PGD in Defense strategic studies and management science.

Currently working in Indian Army(Infantry)
School has the Genesis and all potential to give grooming, fine way of living social and personal life in order to live the goals of life.
School has helped me imbibe the qualities to survive in the hard and harsh situations of combat enhancing the mental and psychological qualities.
School has given me an opportunity to develop the leadership qualities by organizing multiple activities like sports, quiz competition, socials, elocution competition etc. I will always remain indebted to my school!
Jai Hind!

Ravi Koratikar Sunay Shah :
Batch - 2000

Today when I started to think about our school, several memories started peeping from those nostalgic days.
Honestly, I can’t recall much from pre-primary days but certainly have been told that it took me more than 6 months to settle in Nursery and then Principal madam handled my crankiness quite well. A good school is one which handles its pupils well, like SVVS!
Thereafter mostly, I have been a decent case in Primary and Secondary School. Primary School was more of innocence. Learning was ample by observation and influence of people around. This shaped my mind. I should thank school for good environment, right people and a healthy culture. During primary days - the gathering practices, A/V class room sessions, PT classes, ‘Prabhat Pheri’ during Diwali, school picnics were worth mentioning. Overall Primary was easy and protected.
Academic wise, I was an average student till 4th grade mostly hidden in the crowd but Secondary School had some different plans for me. Don’t know how but scored Rank 1st and 2nd during Terminals and Final exams of class 5th, was happy as well more confident. I participated in several quiz, elocution and other competitions. Used to enjoy the NIE sessions, sports at Arunkumar Vaidya Stadium. School had started sports club at this stadium everyday from 7am.-8:30 am.
Secondary school produced some excellent opportunities in form of giving TMV exams for Maths, IQ and languages. In 9th Std. I had chance to be at IUCAA for 8 days programme and got opportunity to work with Dr. Jayant Narlikar, one of the renowned scientists of the country. Being a part of school band, being prefect, representing school at few inter school competitions was fun.
I learned principles like ethics, integrity, non- violence, passion, team work here during the early years of academics and these further have strengthened to shape our careers. Shree Vijay Vallabh School has played a important role in building character which eventually reflects on careers.
A big thank you to all of you at SVVS!